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Below is a pie chart of the 2010 UK General Elections which resulted in a "hung Parliament", because the winning party had not enough votes to govern alone and had to form a "coalition government".

Next to it is a pie chart for the 2015 Elections. It shows that while the share of votes of the two main parties have not significantly changed, the third party's share has shrunk from 14% to 5% and moved to the 4th place. While another, previously insignificant party UKIP, has got 8% of the votes and moved to the 3rd place.

This change has promoted the then PM to call a referendum of the UK leaving the EU, hoping that the majority would vote to stay. But, the result was the opposite, and the UK left the EU. And this shows that pie charts can help to see clearly important trends capable of changing fates of nations.

UK 2010 Elections Result ChartUK 2015 Results Chart

ThePie also lets you email the charts you make, as well as save them for future use.

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To show you how easy it is to create pie charts with ThePie here are links to two tutorials:

  1. Creating a new pie chart from scratch.
  2. Editing an existing pie chart to make a different one.

ThePie app is a universal Progressive Web Application (PWA) which works on any device (phone, tablet, desktop) on any operating system from your browser, as long as it supports modern JavaScript. And, if you install it on your device, you will be able to start it by clicking its badge on your Home Screen, like any other app on your device.

ThePie app is FREE. It has no ads and does not collect any data.

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