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ThePlace Badge ThePlace lets you find the precise location of a place on the World Map and zoom on it to get the right level of details with a single click.

Then you can send its "latitude:longitude" by email, or open Google Maps, Bing Maps, or OpenStreetMap at that place with the same zoom, if you need more features provided by these applications.

This power comes from the Cross-Hair at the center of the screen, which points at the place coordinates and the Zoom-Selector at the bottom of the screen which lets you select the precise Zoom-Factor you need at a single click.

Meridian 0Main Menu

You can find your location by clicking the GPS button (next to the Longitude Field at the top). The precision of the GPS device used is displayed next to this button (in meters).

You can save places either by giving them a name, in which case a new place record is created, or by selecting the Save option in the Main Menu, if you want to change the zoom or the coordinates of an existing record.

KeyboardYour GPS Place

The saved places can be loaded or deleted from the Manage option of the Main Menu. To do it, click on the place name in the list of places, and a local menu will appear. Then choose the option you want.

You can also reset the places database to its original state by clicking the reset button at the top right and selecting the Reset option in the Reset Dialog.

Manage MenuReset Dialog

To send the location coordinates select the Send option from the Main Menu. And to jump to another maps provider map select the provider name from the same menu

Sending EmailReset Dialog

To see how you can use it to locate the Statue of Liberty using ThePlace see our tutorial, or try the real app by clicking this link ThePlace.

ThePlace app is a universal Progressive Web Application (PWA) which works on any device (phone, tablet, desktop) on any operating system from your browser, as long as it supports modern JavaScript. And, if you install it on your device, you will be able to start it by clicking its badge on your Home Screen, like any other app on your device.
ThePlace app is FREE. It has no ads and does not collect any data.
To try it out, use this link: ThePlace .

NOTE: ThePlace uses OpenStreetMap for its maps and Open Layers API to access them because they are free and available anywhere in the world.

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