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TheLight Badge TheLight TheLight is a very simple torchlight with a flashing red-white alert.

In the early days of smart phones, we noticed that some people use their smart phones as torchlights, then we produced an app to make this better by setting the whole screen white.

Later, phone makers started including a torchlight using the camera flash with their phones. So we added the red-white flashing alert feature to our app.

To use TheLight as torchlight start it on and point its screen in the direction of whatever you want to see in the dark.

To use TheLight as an alert flashing light click the ALERT button. To switch the alert off click the same button again.

TorchlightAlert ligh

TheLight app is a universal Progressive Web Application (PWA) which works on any device (phone, tablet, desktop) on any operating system from your browser, as long as it supports modern JavaScript. And, if you install it on your device, you will be able to start it by clicking its badge on your Home Screen, like any other app on your device.

TheLight app is FREE. It has no ads and does not collect any data.

TheLight Badge

So, stay in the dark ...

Try TheLight HERE ... NOW!

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