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BodyWeight shows graphically the body contour shape, given the height and weight, and shows instantly by color when the weight exceeds the Body Mass Index limits for the given height (severe underweight - blue, underweight - light blue, normal - green, overweight - magenta, and obese - red).
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The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the ratio of weight (kg) to the square of the height (m), that is w/h2 . BMI is used for monitoring a person's weight in prevention of obesity and underweight.

You can select the units for the height and weight: cm/kg, in/lb, ft/st.

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You can not only view the BMI for your current height and weight, but can keep a record of your measurements and BMIs over a period of time and view, save, or email your records, and view them as graphs. These records and graphs can be used for your own weight control or for medical purposes, if there is such need. And such records can be kept not only for yourself but for all the members of your family, or any other group of people.

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BodyWeight app is a universal Progressive Web Application (PWA) which works on any device (phone, tablet, desktop) on any operating system from your browser, as long as it supports modern JavaScript. And, if you install it on your device, you will be able to start it by clicking its badge on your Home Screen, like any other app on your device.
BodyWeight app is FREE. It has no ads and does not collect any data.
To try it out, use this link: BodyWeight .

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