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Your Time is the most precious commodity that you have - once lost, it is never recovered. And TheTimePro lets you keep track of your time to the second.
TheTimePro Start Screen

This is the "Do" view in which you start and stop timing activities.

The currently selected activity name here is "Work dv" and its description is "dv".

If the activity is money generating, you can enter the cost per hour in the small currency (for example for the US Dollar - cents per hour). And, if selling the time is liable to a sales tax, you can enter the tax percent. Here the cost is 120.00 (any currency) per hour and the tax is 17.50%.

You can change the name, description, cost and sales tax of the current activity at any time.

The activity ID (number) is 18. And so far you have spent 32 hours 10 minutes and 8 seconds.

At present the activity is not being timed.

To start timing the activity tap the green "Start" button

To switch over to other views ("See", "Manage", "Graph", "More"), tap on the tabs at the bottom of your iPhone screen, or click with your mouse on the tab of your interest on the iPhone image here.

And for more details see: Manual.

To Stop Screen Available from Apps Store