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Your Time is the most precious commodity that you have - once lost, it is never recovered. And TheTimePro lets you keep track of your time to the second.
TheTimePro See Screen

This is the "See" view. It shows all the time laps of the currently selected activity as a list of cells. Cells with white background are completed time laps, the cell with yellow background is the currently timed time lap, and cells with pinkish background are manually entered corrections. Here the activity is "Shopping", and the time so far is 59 mins 59 secs. There is only one completed time lap with total time of 1 hour 39 mins 59 secs. The second time lap is being currently timed.

Because, when timing his first shopping trip, the user forgot to stop timing it at the right time, but stopped it 40 minutes later, he entered a manual correction of -40 minutes. This adjusted the total time from 1:39:59 to 0:59:59.

Time laps cannot be manually edited or individually deleted - they are controlled only by the Start/Stop button of the "Do" view.

It is possible, however, to reset all the time of the current activity to 0 from the "Reset" view, accessible from the "More" view.

Corrections can be deleted by swiping the correction cell from right to left (click on it here). They are added from the "Correct" view, accessible from the "More" view.

For more details see: Manual.

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