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Your Time is the most precious commodity that you have - once lost, it is never recovered. And TheTimePro lets you keep track of your time to the second.
TheTimePro Manage Screen

This the "Manage" view. It shows all the activities as a list of cells. The number in brackets is the ID. The current activity cell has yellow background. Only one activity is current. Activities with red top lines are being currently timed. Many activities can be timed at the same time

Here "Work dv" is the currently selected activity. And it is being timed.

Tapping on an activity cell makes it current. Tapping the "+" button at the top creates an new activity and makes it current. It is given the name "current" and has no description.

Tapping the "Edit" button at the top, reveals edit buttons in the activities cells, so that activities can be deleted. It is possible also to reveal a "Delete" button in an activity cell by swiping the cell from right to left.

For more details see: Manual.

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