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Your Time is the most precious commodity that you have - once lost, it is never recovered. And TheTimePro lets you keep track of your time to the second.
TheTimePro Graph Screen

This is the "Graph" view. It shows at a glance the ten most time consuming activities (or all if less than ten) within a selected time period. If there are more then 10 activities the rest of the activities are added together and shown as "Others". The time within the selected time period in which no activities have been timed is shown as "Unaccounted". The slices in the graph represent percentage of the selected time period (H:MM:SS).

The default time period is 24 hours back from the current time. But the user can select any time period. Here the time period is 153 hours from 12 January 2010 06:25:09 to 18 January 2010 15:25:09.

Tapping the blue "Send" button opens an email client which allows to email the graph. The slider under the graph allows to enlarge the emailed graph by up to 5 times.

For more details see: Manual.

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