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Your Time is the most precious commodity that you have - once lost, it is never recovered. And TheTime lets you keep track of your time to the second.
TheTime Main Screen

TheTime is a personal time tracker. It enables you to keep track of your most valuable asset - your time. Or you can keep track of anything that starts and stops, or starts and stops again and again. And it does it the easy natural iPhone way.

You can track as many activities as you need at the same time, view the details of each time lap, view a percentage graph of the activities for a selected period and email it.

The red banner in TheTime badge on the left with the number 1 in it shows that that the current activity is 1 and it is being timed.

The iPhone image on the left is live. You can click with your mouse on the application badges and buttons to navigate from one view to another, like on a real iPhone.

And for more details see: Manual.

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