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Fast and easy way to find and see any place in the world. Available on the App Store
ThePlace main screen ThePlace is a world map browsing application. It provides an easy way of finding a place of interest on the world map.

You can either find a place by entering its latitude and longitude in the text fields, or find the latitude and longitude (and the address, if available) by moving the location on the map to the center of the screen and zooming in on that place.

And you can view the maps, as maps, satellite views, or a hybrid (combination of both).

The iPhone image on the left is live, so you can click buttons, and fields, to see what they do.
As an illustration (and tutorial) you can find the Statue of Liberty in five steps. The first step is to move the United States to the center of the screen. (You can click on the map in the iPhone image, or the Find US link.
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