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Watch the moon day by day ... free Available on the App Store
TheMoon main screen

TheMoon is YOUR moon.

You can now watch it wax and wane day by day on your iPhone (iPod).

It is a FREE daily Hijri calendar showing the phase of the moon for each day.

You can adjust the date in accordance with moon sightings for your area, and the time of the appearance of the Moon from after 12:00 (at 13:00) to after 23:00 (at 00:00).

And, if you want more than the day's moon, you can buy the FullMoon and have a full Hijri calendar for 9999 years before and 9999 years after the Hijra.

The iPhone image above is "live", you can click with your mouse on the tabs at the bottom of the iPhone screen to navigate between the different views: "Moon", "Month", "Setup".