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FullMoon Monthly Calendar screen

This is the FullMoon monthly calendar. It shows all the days from year 9999 before the Hijra to year 9999 after the Hijra, one month at a time.

The month and year are displayed at the top in Arabic between triangular yellow buttons, which allow to move from month to month (single triangle) or year to year (double triangle).

The days of the selected month are shown with large numbers in Arabic, while the days of the preceding and the next month are shown as a full date in small Arabic font. All the date cells have the Gregorian date in small English font at the bottom.

Day cells for days with "special dates" (events) have coloured frames, showing the event's "mood", "sad" - black, "happy" - green, "neutral" - brown.

The current date (today) has a yellow background. And days, for which the user has switched on the banner warning alarm, are marked with red text font.

To view the date in a large font in the iPhone, put the finger on a date cell, move it slightly within the cell and lift it after a short delay. To see the same effect on this pages image, click with your mouse on any of the date cell in the 3 upper rows of the calendar.

Tapping on a date cell shows the events on that date (if any). To see how it works click with the mouse on any date cell in the 3 lower rows of the calendar.

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