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FullMoon Events Editor screen

This is the FullMoon Events Editor View. Here you can add new events of your own, delete events that you do not need, and edit existing events to suit your needs.

The Events Editor allows you to enter, or edit, the Arabic and English descriptions, to change the day and month of the event and to select the event properties which determine whether the event is shown or not in the Monthly Calendar, whether the event is notified by displaying its month and day in the application badge, and whether the event is marked with a "mood" colour, and which one.

To edit (or enter) a description, tap the description text field on your iPhone, or click the Arabic or English text field on this image to see how it works.

The switch "Day in Month" / "Week Day in Month" selects the type of the event date. The "Hijri" / "Miladi" switch selects the calendar according to which an event is marked, and the text field next to it shows the date of the event. Tapping on this field invokes the Event Date Picker.
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