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ThePie for iPad offers you the ability to generate pie charts and send them over email. And the iPad version makes it even easier than the iPhone one.

The iPad image below shows the results of the UK Elections held on the 6th of May 2010.

ThePie Main Screen with Unaccounted Slice

The total number of those entitled to vote was 45,550,903 persons (100.00%).

The blue slice represents the number of votes for the Conservative Party (23.50%).

The red slice is the number of votes cast for Labour (18.89%).

And the yellow slice is the number of votes cast for the Liberal Democrats (14.99%).

The grey pie slice 19,412,860 (42.62%) represents what is left of the Pie Total and is called "Unaccounted", below the Graph Title Field. This "unaccounted" leftover slice of the Pie can be used by tapping the Use Unaccounted button.

The iPad image on the left is live. You can click with your mouse on the buttons to navigate from one view to another, like on a real iPad.

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