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Moon Month Preferences screen In the Preferences View of the Moon Month application you can:
  1. Select the hour of the previous day after which the moon phase will be changed: between 12:00 and 23:00.
  2. Advance or delay the days of the current month by up to 5 days, to synchronize the days of the current month with a moon sighting.

IMPORTANT: The Arabization ON/OFF switch must be set correctly for the correct display of the Arabic text. For Android devices with arabized operating systems this switch must be set to Arabization OFF, for devices with non-arabized systems this switch must be set to Arabization ON. If your device does not display Arabic text correctly, then you need to toggle this switch, then close the app and open it again.

The image above is alive. To return to the Moon Phase view click the Back key (<-).

So, watch your moon day by day,

month by month ...

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